ArtPop! Upcoming Exhibit

ArtPop! #hybrid strategies 2.0
exhibit runs: may 8 – june 4
guest curator Mimi Botscheller


featuring an all female line-up: Ingrid Anderson, Mimi Botscheller, Blima Efraim, Paula Gillam, Janet Gold, Deborah Gregg, Andrea Huffman, 6 Hands Collaborative, Catherine Leisek, Kimberly Maxwell and Jody Thompson

Reception Date: Thursday May 18  | 7pm – 9pm
Time:  Gallery Hours | Mon – Fri | 10am – 6pm
Free to the public

Guest Curator’s Statement:

Hybrid Strategies 2.0

Collages, assemblages and installation works are improvised hybrid strategies that enable free play between the conscious and subconscious mind, time and space. A hybrid mixes different components and the mixture while performing essentially the same function can be superior to the original application. Different media engages the viewer to experience the work visually, verbally, psychologically and physically. Infinite narratives comingle.

For some, process is determined by a response to the present moment and media. Others accumulate materials, found objects, as well as printed matter, becoming collectors of re-useable media and artifacts of our time.

Various narratives unfold as fragments of visual information, text and media are assembled into an engaging mixed media surfaces. Layers of information like transparent layers of paint, conceptual layers and layers of media speak in different languages allowing the viewer to arrive at diverse conclusions. Words, images and found elements in hybrid works become part of an embedded code in which all memories and subjective experiences reside.